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Powershift Communications Inc. was created in 1991 with its first publication Benefits and Pensions Monitor. Its mission was to cover not only the benefits market for HR managers, but institutional pension fund investment as well. With each print issue digitized and easily available online at The Daily News Alerts is an industry roundup of news of interest to our readership sent five days a week. 


In September 1995, Home Improvement Retailing was introduced. This B2B publication supports home improvement retailers and product vendors to help them increase sales and profits and enhance their overall business experience. All HIR magazines are online at With the Daily News Alerts the retailer, manufacturer and contractor can keep current on all relevant news in their industry.


A spinoff from Benefits and Pensions Monitor is Private Wealth Canada. This website helps to keep you informed on investments, retirement, vacations, second homes and so much more. The weekly News Alerts will keep you up-to-date on new and interesting ways to build your future.


Powershift’s latest endeavour is our BPM Meetings, Webinars & Events Benefits and Pensions Monitor puts its full marketing team on each event to bring your target audience to these sessions. Our webinars allow individuals to join from anywhere in the world, giving your brand maximum exposure.

The bottom line is digital and print are partners in great marketing. Don’t use one without the other.


Chairman & C.E.O.

D. Brian McKerchar

Powershift Communications Inc.
245 Fairview Mall Drive, Suite 501
Toronto, ON  M2J 4T1  Canada

About Us
Benefits & Pensons Monitor
The Websites

Content Designed for Canada’s Retailers

With over 25 years of publishing, Home Improvement Retailing provides content tailored to meet the needs of retailers in the home improvement and building material space across Canada.

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Home Improvement Retailing.

Three Decades of Industry Service

Founded in 1991, Benefits and Pensions Monitor provides print, digital and online content for the pension and benefits industry in Canada.

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Benefits and Pensions Monitor.

Servings Canada’s High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) Community

This online publication targets the HNWI community in Canada with a weekly new roundup and articles to meet their business, investment, and lifestyle needs.

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Private Wealth Canada.

Our company's media sources can be an extension
of your marketing team. 

We understand your target audience. We have the reach to take your messages to your clients and prospects. We have the editorial content that will get read and engage your target audience.  We can design a multi-media approach that will allow you to extend your marketing and sales efforts through our integrated channels of print, digital and events to maximize your return on investment.

The more successful you are makes us more successful too.

A business meeting

Integrated Approach.

Print Media - offers you display advertising space, sponsored content, announcements and appointment notices, inserts and polybags, custom printing and publishing to penetrate the markets with BPA/CCAB circulation audits. 


Digital Media - offers you online advertising, email blasts and targeted distribution of reports, white papers, sponsored content and more. - Contact us for information on how using all three marketing areas will grow your business.

Content Marketing.

Building brands through advertising is a tactic all marketers have employed for years. Today, content is king and marketers are enhancing their traditional tactics by developing content marketing to build trust with customers and prospects by publishing content such as articles, white papers, research reports and presentations. 


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Powershift Communications

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Private Wealth Canada

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Benefits and Pensions Monitor

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Home Improvement Retailing

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